Vermont Woman won its first national award for Rickey Gard Diamond’s investigative series.

The National Newspaper Association, the nation’s largest press association, established in 1885, conducts annual contests for U.S. newspapers’ best writing. Writing is judged by a panel of experienced newspaper editors and journalism professors. This year, for the first time, Vermont Woman was recognized out of a field of 2349 entries; only 135 newspapers in 36 states won awards, and Vermont Woman is honored to be among them. Here’s what judges said:

Vermont Woman, South Hero, VT

3rd place, Best Investigative or InDepth Story or Series, Nondaily Division, circulation 10,000 or more.

Making the Economy Our Own—Measuring a Successful Economy by WellBeing not Wealth, Rickey Gard Diamond. Judges’ Comments: “This series of articles, written for a specific community of readers, considers an alternative approach to our nation’s economic indicator reporting and to the overall structure of our economy. It is notable for its breadth and for its use of atypical sources.”

Contributing editor, Rickey Gard Diamond, wrote the series and began serving as the paper’s editor in Dec. 2011. She wishes to thank her sources, especially economist Stephanie Seguino, Ellen Brown of the Public Banking Institute, GNH-USA, author Gwen Hallsmith, and former-editor Margaret Michniewicz for her support, and also Suzanne Gillis, the paper’s publisher, and Jan Doerler, whose production team always takes such great care with its writers.

Diamond says, “Atypical sources, in this case, means women—who are often omitted from economic thinking, along with Mother Nature. To receive this kind of award for writing about this difficult subject—and to have made the economy a little more understandable for women and anyone who seeks new solutions—is very encouraging.” Here are links to her six award-winning articles:

(Nov/Dec 2010) Making the Economy Our Own (Part I):

The Most Important Thing Women Need to Know

(Feb/March 2011) Making the Economy Our Own (Part 2):

Measuring Well-Being, not Wealth

(April/May 2011) Making the Economy Our Own (Part 3):

The Growing Care Crisis

(June, July, Aug 2011) Making the Economy Our Own (Part 4):

Dollars, Dollars, Everywhere and Not a Cent to Spare

(Sept/Oct. 2011) Making the Economy Our Own (Part 5):

The Federal Reserve and Dollars on the Make

(Nov/Dec. 2011) Making the Economy Our Own (Part 6)

Avoiding Another Jackass Monetary Crisis: